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Jan 18, 2012

MIckey Mouse Marshmallows and Oreo Cookies

Time for something sweet! I made these for my son first birthday and they were amazing and looked so cute I was impressed cause it was the first try yo yay!
Keep reading so you can know how to make them..

Ingredients and Materials:
-Marshmallow I'm using two different sizes so I can give it the form of Mickey Mouse 
-Melting Chocolate can it be any brand this one I used is so creamy and yummy (it has no almonds)
-Mini oreo Cookies and regular size oreo cookies

-Party bags ( I bought the ones at Walmart in the wedding section)
-Balloon ribbon
-Sprinkles in two different colors
-Kebab sticks or lollipop sticks 
-Aluminium foil

I put some of the kebab sticks on the milk  cans to hold the marshmallows and cookies when they were ready. ( this is optional)
Now form the Mickey Mouse silhouette using one big marshmallow and two small ones.
Ok I had to put them the same color I'm guessing I have a problem lol but is ok if you want to do it all mixed.
Start making your double boiling in a pan just be careful to not add or pour any water inside because it will ruin the chocolate.
Add the Chocolate to the double boiling and stir constantly so it doesn't burn. At this point the house smells so good hahaha.
Once our chocolate is ready add some to the ears ( little marshmallows) and stick them to the head (big marshmallow) hold it for a little bit and put them on a tray covered with aluminum foil. Place the tray on the freezer for a few minutes.
Take your marshmallows out the freezer and dip each one on the chocolate. We did on side first because it was too hot but if you have a deeper pan you can stick everything there just remember the ears can fall since they are just glued wit chocolate. When you finish one side is a good idea to put them on the freezer for a  few minutes and then cover them all.
Once you have your marshmallows all covered up put them in the freezer and let them there.
Oreo Cookies
Divide your bigger Oreo cookies, the whites from the cookies so it will be one side with the creamy filling and the other just the cookie.
Do the same with the small ones.
Get some chocolate on the point of one stick and add it just in the middle of the bigger cookie.
Add some chocolate on the small cookies and paste them on the head so it has the shape of Mickey Mouse.
Now close the bigger cookie with the other part (the one that is not creamy) and put them on the freezer a few minutes. Takes them out and cover them with chocolate.
There you have them. Once they are cooled off put them on the plastic bags and tie them with a ribbon I decorated the milk cans and put them on a table with all the goodies for my son birthday.
Thanks for reading, xoxo!
Here is the video in case you want to watch this tutorial.


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