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Feb 7, 2012

Well helloo!
I been very busy lately and the reason for that is this box...

Seriously lol I've been making tons of hair bows I got this curiosity of making them since I was pregnant with my son (I thought at the beginning he was going to be a girl like a feeling), so when I found out he was a boy a was excited but I also realized I wasn't going to be able to make bows and pretty stuff girls use. Now that my son is older and I can be at least 6ft away from him (seriously that's a lot lol but I love he loves mommy <3) I decided I wanted to create pretty things hair bows, clippies, decorations, toy boxes, you name it. I have this "time of the year" where I feel so crafty and in need of color. I don't know if this is something weird of me but I honestly feel the need of once in a while have something very colorful around me, like if it brings light to my life (lol well maybe that's too much), and I've been like that since I have memory I think all started with my grandma, she used to teach me lots of crafts. She thought me how to knit (even tho I don't remember right now), hand stitch, make this bread little figures and more. I guess is on my blood now, that's why I'm always trying to find new ways to craft and learn new things.
The only one paying all this colorful creativity is my husband hahah he has to deal/ manage how to eat on a table full of ribbons, color, and crafts stuff, and he doesn't complain (because he is the best).
So yea this is what is been going on in my house lately color, color and more colors hahah. Here is the final result and way more...

Thanks for reading, good night

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