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Mar 6, 2012

Weight loss: Start over- Week 1

Hi everyone I'm super excited because this week I lost 4 lbs yay!
My brother and sister in law recommended me this coffee that helps you lose weight and I've been taking it, trying it and also eating healthier smaller portions, but I'm not gonna lie I did cheat a little. Is so hard to stay away from yummy food, but this is a slow process and I can totally do it. In other hand Gera is been doing diet and exercise with me and he lost 7 lbs which is awesome ( and not fair lol jk).
Here is some of the foods we cooked this week and some of what we did.

 Lemon Chicken with tomato, lettuce and cucumber. Using just lemon as a dressing.

Bell Pepper filled with creamy chicken and spring salad with tomato and cucumbers.

Our breakfast was pretty much cereal with any fruit (mostly strawberries) 

 As a snack oranges with tajin (powder chile)

 Chicken with vegetables, salad and bell pepper filled with avocado and cheese.

Some exercise around 20 mins (or less lol)

 Baked chicken (no oil added for this yay) with spring salad with avocados, strawberries and orange

 Teriyaki chicken with green salad

 Fish tacos (yeah this is where we cheated lol)

Chicken with salad and rice (just a little bit)

And lots of water.

And drank this coffee we are gonna continue using this, trying it to see how it works out. Remember I lost 4 and my hubby 7 lbs.

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