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Mar 21, 2012

Weight Loss: week 2 and 3.

Well this week went a little slower we kept eating healthier but we went to this two family parties and that's a no no for us hahah so much yummy food but still i managed to lose 3 pounds which isn't that bad (would have been worse if I gained them right?).
The only thing about this week is that I stopped drinking the coffee because I was feeling palpitations and got scared so I went to the ER trying to find what was going on with my, and the doctor (after a few tests) told me I have anxiety and gave me some medicines (which I don't wanna take I want to try a natural approach because they can be very addictive), I guess I've been in a lot of stress lately. So I decide to change my habits, sleep more hours in the night try to not stress about the mess my house turns sometimes lol, but is hard when you have a toddler who loves to watch all the toys scattered over the floor, and who think my tuppers go on his toy box and toys on the cabinets lol that can be stressful. But I'm trying to just laugh of it because is cute and funny the house doesn't have to be perfect, things are gonna fall into place no matter what God willing. Oh yea my husband did lost 5 pounds yay is so awesome but ugh guys always lose more weight that girls lol and he is still drinking the coffee.
This is for this week gonna workout more this week, I'm doing at least 25 mins on the treadmill every day at 3 of speed so hope that helps and helps me relax, and also trying to go outside and walk around with Gerardito to relax and since he LOVES going out this works perfect for both of us yay.

Thanks for reading.

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