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Jul 1, 2012

4th July Cupcakes

So is time to celebrate and what better way than with this sweet cute cupcake. They are very easy to make so yummy and your family and friends will love them. continue reading for the tutorial.

You are going to need:

-White frosting
-Food colors
-Sandwich bag or Icing bags

Let's start with our sandwich bags before adding the frosting. We are going to parch the one tip of the bag with tape just to reinforce it and prevent breaking from the pressure of the frosting (I made this step before making the cupcakes to save some time on the video). In a bowl add some of the frosting and mix with the colors you need to mix blue and red. Once you have your frosting colored put it inside the bag take all the air out and cut the tip of the reinforced corner.
Now is time to cover the cupcakes. Take a generous amount of frosting and cover each cupcake. 

 Once you have your cupcake covered draw a little square of at least 1/4 of the cupcake in vlue this is where the stars are going to be.
 Now is time to draw the stripes try to go as straight and eve as you can I decided to make mine a little thin and I think it looks really good like that.

And the final touch are the stars using some of that white frosting add a few dots to the blue part and you are all done. Yay! Really fast and easy tutorial.

Thanks for reading xoxo
Here is the video if you want to watch the tutorial :)

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