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Jul 16, 2012

DIY: $5 Photo Frame (Dollar store project)

 I've been wanting to decorate my house for so long but we have a very small budget for things like this one. So I decided to get creative and find something in our budget but that would still look cute. Keep reading for more.

This is how it looks like, and believe it or not it was super cheap to make and really easy. I bought all the materials at the Dollar Store.
-Photo frame: $1.00
-Background paper: $1.00
- Black ribbon:  3 x $1.00
-Blue ribbon: $1.00
-Fabrics used for the flowers: free, I had some remaining fabric scraps there, any kind of fabric will work for you, just get creative.
-Pearls and crystal gems: I had them too but I have seen them at the stores in small packages for $1.00

This was my first time making flowers like this one and I think they turned out so good, and the best part is that they were really easy to make, yay.

This is what it looks like, I wanted this decoration for the top of my television. Around it are the other decorations that I also made, for  a very inexpensive price. Do you want to get the other tutorials? CLICK HERE.
Here is the video Tutorial :) thanks for reading, xoxo.

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