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Jul 16, 2012

Garden Indoors... A succeass! yay!

Hi, so about almost 3 weeks ago we started a crazy project at our house, a little garden, and is crazy because we live at and apartment and we don't have a backyard were to plant it. Keep reading for more pictures and our success on how we did it.

I have to confess I love plants any kind but they scare me a little bit, since I barely know anything about plants. But I love how green they are and the live they bring to any space, so after spending a few hours on Pinterest came a cross with some awesome pins about gardening indoors, as always I talked to my husband and he gave me the go ahead (he is awesome, he always supports my crazy ideas no matter how weird they sound yay).
We didn't documented the first try of our journey till we saw results, we were kinda skeptical about if it was going to work or not. After seeing the results we decided to take pictures of the progress, we went grocery shopping, bought more celery, lettuce, green onions and some seeds.

So this picture is how we started our little garden. The onions didn't turned out so good they were too damaged when we bought them so they never really grew up. The celery on the right top is the one with started with.

This is our celery is getting really big and strong, and it was really easy, all we had to to is cut the celery from the bottom about 3 inches, put it in a bowl with fresh or room temperature water. We changed them to soil after 12 days and they have grown faster. (NOTE: The 4th picture are the first ones we tried) Every morning when I wake up I put all my plants in the window, until the light is going down. My window gets really good light but not directly to burn them. This is what it looks like.

 That is my window and how it looks like as you can see it gets enough light and warm from the outside. I noticed that they show a significant progress when they have their day in the window. Doesn't look beautiful?, 

The green onions are the ones that has really surprised us, they have grown so fast, at this point we think we could start eating them, but we are going to wait a little longer so they can be really strong when we cut them.
We put them also in soil the 12th day.

Here is the lettuce it had a slow start, but after the 3rd day it started growing really fast and beautiful. We used a Romaine lettuce just because is the one that I like. The only thing we changed when it started to grow faster was more water. Also changed it to soil at the 12th day.

In our trip to The Dollar Store we found some seeds. I was really excited because some other stores like Walmart and Target they don't have them anymore, since is off season. We bought a few, they were 4 for !1 dollar. We bought: 1 sweet basil, 1 spinach bloomsdale,  1 lettuce romaine, 1 garden bean (Kentucky wonder), 2 dill herb, 2 greens (mesclun mix).

I didn't really thought they were going to grow... but they did yay. The sweet basil did it faster than the spinach.

And I didn't noticed that the spinach was growing until this morning which was really exciting, yay!

As for the other seeds I haven't planted them, I'm going to do it as soon as I get more pots. I was thinking on recycling some soda or milk jugs but I'm still working on that, besides I need more soil ha!

 For our future in gardening I want to find cilantro and other herbs seeds, maybe some vegetables too. My hubby makes fun of me telling me each window will have plants lol. So this is for this post I will update when my plants grow up more, Thanks for reading, xoxo.

I got requests if I could show my garden so here it is the video.

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