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Jul 4, 2012

Mickey Mouse Themed Birthday Party!

This was the decorations that I made for my son's birthday party last year. He had a blast and was really excited about all the things that we put on his party. Keep reading to watch in detail all the things.

We had a cake but we also decided to make some cupcakes for the guests to snack on. I made that stand with recycled boxes and turned out pretty strong, it held around 24 cupcakes and the top part was made of Styrofoam balls painted in red and black.

A good tip to save some money (since we were in a really tight budget) is making fresh waters. We did one of fruit punch and iced tea. They lasted long time and we have some left over.

This is the pom pom I made, it looks so cute and went amazing with the decoration. I wish I would have made more of those but it was a small party so that one looked great.

       -Do you want to see the tutorial for Mickey Mouse Pom Poms? - CLICK HERE
       -Do you want to see the tutorial for Minnie Mouse Pom Poms? -  CLICK HERE

I love this banner, it added more color to the party I used card box paper to make it it was really simple and definitively looked so cute. on the left there is a simple pom pom. I don't have a tutorial for that but you can request it and I'll do my best to upload it soon. or just follow the Mickey and Minnie pom pom tutorial check it HERE.

Also made a little banner with his name for the high chair.

This is when I made the  Birthday hats just to make sure they fitted and how they looked. Isn't this picture cute? I love him 
This was his outfit, I bought that shirt at Walmart for about $6.00 dollars and I just used black pants with it. That badge also bought it from Walmart it was around $2.00 dollars. The great think is that he didn't took out the hat yay :)

My little nieces were so happy with the hats and they look so cute! this is a totally success.
-Do you want to see the tutorial on how to make the Mickey Mouse Party Hats?- CLICK HERE

We used one of the cupcakes we made for the pictures. He really enjoyed it as you can tell hahah I wish I would have made a bib for him, but he didn't got too dirty.

This is him and daddy breaking the piƱata, he was a little scared but after a while he got used to is even hit it a few times.

This is the invitation that I made it cost me around $5.00 to make it, just because I had to buy the ribbon, all of the other materials were in my house so yay for saving some more money there.
Get the tutorial for this invitation HERE:

This is one of the center pieces. It has a big mickey mouse in the middle, with some chocolate covered marshmallows, Oreo cookies shaped as Mickey Mouse. They are in a milk can covered with back card box and some stars and they have tissue paper on top.

Here is another look.
 And this are the chocolate covered marshmallow Mickey heads. I used also a milk can covered with glitter foamy added tissue paper on top. The sticks are in a Styrofoam square.

-Would you like to watch the tutorial on the Oreos and Marshmallows?- CLICK HERE

This is the second center piece I made. I bought those balloons at Walmart I think they came 2 or 3, don't remember the price but they were cheap. I put them also in a milk can covered with tissue paper, added some candies to kebab sticks and put them in there. Pretty cool huh?

I hope you like this post I wanted to share it for so long, but haven't had to write it. Hope this help to get some ideas for your little one. We are planning Gerardito's 2nd birthday so make sure to join the blog is going to be themed as Toy Story :)
Thanks for reading, xoxo.


  1. Congrats, you are very talented. I will be following you from now on. Do you also have face book?

    1. Aw thank you so much hun. Yes I do is up there in the links :)

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