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Jul 11, 2012

Stash Tea Superfruits Review

Doesn't this look delicious? Well it was. I really enjoyed the idea of making my  Stash Tea Superfruits as an iced tea. Is just genius specially with this hot weather. And the best part is that they sent me 18 tea bags in the following flavors:

-Acai Berry
-YumBerry Blackcurrant
-Goji Berry

So far we have tried the Goji Berry flavor and we loved it, I kinda felt the strawberry flavor. One of the other things that I loved that they sent was the sweetener, I love that is made of an all natural granulated honey sweetener. Is sweet but doesn't overpower the flavor of the tea, which is awesome because that gives you a real chance to taste the flavor of the tea.

The verdict:
This is the second time I receive my Stash Tea sampler and I can only say good things about it, I love tea but for so long I have only tried the same 3 flavors, so it was really exciting to expand my variety of flavors and the fact that they taste to so good. I would recommend this for those who love tea and those who doesn't.

LOL I had to share my hubby helping me take pictures for this post haha, he is not going to be so happy about this.

Thanks for reading, xoxo.

I received this product for free via Influenster for testing and reviewing purposes. I was not paid to make this review.

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