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Sep 20, 2012

DIY: Pocoyo Centerpiece Easy with free printables

Pocoyo is super cute and perfect for a birthday party theme, I was requested to do this one and amazingly I finished it in about 1 hour. Keep reading for the tutorial and the templates.

Updated: 07/05/20015

To be honest when I started this project I had not ideas what I was going to do I planed and did the whole thing in just 2 hours. I had to improvise and use the things I had in hand. I do think that if you start this project you are not going to spend a bunch of money because you can reuse many of the items shown.

You know me I love reusing and re purposing I think most things can turn into something different and useful to help reduce waste. (Here is and example of it)
I used a cereal box as a little basket to hold the goodies and the centerpiece, I mean how inexpensive can that be and you are reusing.
And here is is all covered, you can barely tell this was your cereal box, and if you plan the birthday ahead you can collect them from months, but if you are in a hurry you can always ask your relatives to borrow some from them.

I think the tutorial is really easy just cut here paste there, but judge by yourself here is the video.

And after all that cut and paste and little burns... ouch, you get this:

Right click the images and save.

Thank you for reading and good luck, if you make it share it with us on our facebook: The290ss Facebook.

UPDATED 02/07/2013

I wanted to share some of the photos from our awesome viewers/readers, thank you so much.

Check our album for more submitted photos and send me yours and I can feature you too. Just click the images.


  1. very creative my son turns one in four months and i found this tutorial and i loved it am doing his party of pocoyo and i thought this was the perfect center piece for his party,,im just trying to get the prints

  2. Help please I can't download the prints :( it says account suspended

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