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Sep 18, 2012

Hand washing Cloth Diapers

 Hello! We started cloth diapering a few months ago and our biggest concern about it was that we down have a washing machine ... so we had to find a way to do it and it was old fashion (sorta) hand washing. Keep reading for how we do it.

This is our stash, most of it. And I wish they cleaned themselves and looked this cute all the time, but let's face it they are made to catch messy business haha.

 I use a bucket, a plunger, some detergent, and gloves. I put all the diapers in the bucket fill it with water a couple of times and hang them overnight and they are ready to use in the morning.

The detergent I use is Purex Free and Clear and has worked great for us so far, no residues, no odor or leaks.
I also use those ones too keep the diapers between every wash, they are big enough and the odor never shows. Here is the video on how I do it.

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  1. En tu video de han wash esta todo muy bien, pero desperdicias mucha agua al final cuando enjuagas los pañales de uno x uno, éso no es ecológico, tienes q cerrar la llave, no dejar correr el agua mientras tomas Otto pañal.