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Sep 15, 2012

How to fold cloth diapers

 Since we started Cloth Diapering not so long ago I noticed that folding them takes a while to achieve if you are not used to do it, so I had to came up with a system to do it faster and more efficient.

 But I also noticed other little problem... there is no way you can do that with your toddler around.
He loves throwing them all over the place, put them on his head and unfold the ones that I already did. That's why I want to share the "how do I do it"

-I try to fold them when my son is busy, either sleeping, eating or playing. 
-Fold them in a place where he can't reach them
- As a last resort, ask him yo help me, takes more time but he loves to help mommy and I think is so sweet.

So no more rambling here is how I do it, hope you find this helpful and thanks for reading.

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