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Oct 6, 2012

DIY: Halloween Invitation.

Oh Halloween! such an awesome holiday. Candy and costumes everywhere, and there is always a party around. But why stop on decorating your house if you can create your own invitations and make it even more memorable? Keep reading for the tutorial.

There are many uses you can give to this invitation. You can use it as a happy Halloween card, and invitation, a scrapbook template and more. And the materials that you need are pretty inexpensive.

You are going to need:
- 4 half sheets of paper (black, green, orange, white and orange polka dot)
-4 sheets of glitter foamy (black, white, purple and green)
-1 simple bow (Click HERE for the tutorial)
-4 wiggly eyes
-1 crystal gem
-The invitation

Here is the pattern that you are going to need:

 And I also made this invitation for you to print you just need to add the details for the invitation.

Remember that if you use any of our patterns to share in your page link back and let us know to check your site and support too, thanks. If you want more free patterns go to

Now that you have all the things that you need here is the tutorial, hope you like it.

So that's it so easy and fast, no time for some close ups. Thanks for all the support, xoxo.

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