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Oct 30, 2012

Free Halloween Printable Set

I love designing new and colorful things, it just makes my day to see so many colors together (am I a weirdo? haha) There is something about putting colors together and making them match that I just love. So I came up with this digital paper set and is all free for you to use. Keep reading to download.

Updated: 07/05/20015

You can use this set in your digital scrapbooking projects or even to print them out. They are a set of 12 paper sheets. 6 of the are just striped in Fall/ Halloween colors and the other 6 are our very own Pixieluv designs.

You can make a ton of combinations with them:

A cute scrapbook page, perfect for your albums either printed or digital. This is a good and also cute way to store your best pictures.

A Halloween invitation, to add and extra cute touch to your event.

Little thank you cards for your guests.

Cupcake Toppers

And so many other things, just get creative and use them for your projects. They are free to use, if you use them in a project online give me credit for them, not necessarily on the image but do on your website or blog.

You can grab some my button, to link us back. If you use use it for any project online send me an email to see what you use them for, I love watching my work our there.

You are not allowed to sell them as your designs, it takes time and love to make them, so respect my work that is why I'm giving them to you for free.

Once that is clear here is the link for the download of this paper set:


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