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Oct 23, 2012

Halloween Pumpkin Cupcakes

Seriously how obsessed can I be with cupcakes hahah, seems like is the only thing I can bake haha. But they are so good and cute I just love that you can decorated them in whatever way you want and make them perfectly cute! Keep reading for the easy tutorial.

Oh sweet little cupcakes why you have to be so delicious and cute? and so easy to make. Seriously this cupcake didn't took too long and was deliciously cute.
The things that I used for this little one was:
-1 cupcake (s)
-Orange frosting
-1 candy corn
-Orange sugar crystals
-Sparkle Gel
-Cupcake topper I used a little bat with a simple ribbon (Get the bow tutorial HERE)

And here is the tutorial:

And a close up:

Thanks for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much I enjoyed it making it :)

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