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Oct 24, 2012

Halloween ribbon wreath tutorial

Isn't this wreath super adorable? Beyond cute? Well I think it is I just love it is so cute (again) I love how the little ribbon are all together making it super fluffy and sweet but at the same time with that Halloween spirit. Keep reading for the tutorial.

I won this wreath last year, my dear friend Amber made it. I don't know if you know but you can win things on Youtube! And this is how I got this awesome decoration for my house.

Amber was hosting a wreath giveaway and I thought it was really cute (by the way she is very talented, in case you would like to have one like this one of any other holiday). So I entered the giveaway and I won, yay!

She makes Youtube videos too and she posted the tutorial for this cute wreath. I saw the video and besides being beyond cuteness I thought it was really easy to do. A fun project to try, not only for Halloween but for any other holiday that you could thing of.

The materials you need you can find them at any craft store, but enough chit chat let's get to crafting and see her video. Don't forget to subscribe to her channel. She is really awesome and has a beautiful family.

And here are more photos, that I took last year when I got it.

Featured Artist:
Amber (Check more about her HERE and tell her I sent you)

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