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Oct 7, 2012

Halloween Shirt applique tutorial

I love to start Halloween celebration early, but is really almost impossible to keep a toddler all day in a costume. So the solution... make a cute shirt for him to wear during the day, while we do some errands and that he would be able to wear when Halloween goes away. Keep reading for the tutorial.

Last year I did the same thing but I used a different pattern. This is the one that I made:
I loved it he looked so cute and was great for the photos we took. This is him wearing it.

He was 11 months in this photo and was just trying start walking. But enough of cute last year photos (I will post them in other post haha), here is what you going to need:

-1 shirt (I got a black long sleeve shirt)
-Fabric (for this project I used orange, black polka dot and and one piece of white felt)
-Heat and Bond paper lite (found it at walmart)
-Sewing machine and thread

And that is all you need, now is time to learn how to use them, here is the tutorial.

Hope you found this tutorial helpful, here is the pattern that I used.

Click the image to download.

If you would like to try something different here are other designs that I have for you.

Thank you and enjoy.

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