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Oct 28, 2012

Homemade Buzz Lightyear Costume

Hi, I'm super excited to write this post. Since the beginning of October all I was thinking was what was going to dress my son up. And we had some choices: Buzz Lightyear, The cat in the hat, Mickey Mouse,Tigger, Football player. But we chose Buzz, he loves it and I knew he would look completely adorable in any of them so it was just and lucky one. Keep Reading for how I did it.

Sorry for the "looking at the phone" pictures, my son just wasn't in the mood for the costume or any pictures, but he still looks absolutely adorable, right?

The main reason my husband said yes to me making his costume, was because our budget was close to nothing, like seriously not on cent. But I wanted to make this year special since is going to be his first trick or treating.

And to be honest I just spent about $5 dollars, but I got enough material left for other projects, so basically is not the whole 5 dollars in this project. I had most of the materials that I used, except for the poly fill and the fabric for the hat.

Here is the hat it turned out perfect not too big, not too small and I didn't even had a pattern. I just made a little sketch on a piece of paper and tried it on myself and my hubby because Gerardito was sleeping.

And here is the design I made.

My hubby is not going to be happy with me posting this picture haha, but I wanted to show you how we tried it.

 And as a big fan,

 He was watching Toy Story, hahah.

 This is the back of the costume, I sewn the wings and the bag to the vest, I messed up a little because they should have been a little higher.

 But for the first time doing a project this big I think is looks cute. I haven't been sewing for so long, maybe a year or something. Hopefully next year is going to turn out better.

And this is the treat bag I also made him I will upload the tutorial really soon was so easy to make and he loves it.

In the video below I show you a bit more on how I did this costume.

Thanks for reading our blog, Love.

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