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Oct 28, 2012

Toy Story Alien Treat/Party Bag

Halloween is pretty much close now, a few days away actually. And to continue the tradition of making this holiday special for my son I wanted to make him his treat bag. Keep reading for the tutorial.

As you might now I made him the Buzz Lightyear costume (check the photo below). So to match his costume I came up with this little treat bag that is easy for him to carry and put his candy on.

Isn't he just too adorable? (Click HERE to see how I made his costume)

For this tutorial I used Family.go pattern you can check it our HERE. But instead of paper I used felt and wiggly eyes added 2 stars and ta-da! Super easy and my son loves it.

The materials that I used were:
-Felt (green, black, yellow, purple)
-2 wiggly eyes
-Black fabric paint

And that is it, awesome for saving and making something cute. If you want to make your own treat bags check the tutorial below.

Now you are all ready to go, thanks for reading our blog, xoxo.

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