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Nov 4, 2012

Halloween Celebration 2012

I love Halloween!
Is one of our favorite holidays, and what's not to love right? Costumes, free candy, watch scary movies get your adrenaline pumping and the sugar too haha. Is something about that night and I know that is not what Halloween is really all about, but that is the best part.

Since I was a little girl I remember dressing up, but this date was special because you get to see all the special costumes, some really original and some store bought ones.

And I'm not too crazy and dress as weird things, I have dressed as a witch so many times it just never gets old and is easy, no big planning or anything. So this was my costume for this year. A crying spiders witch hahah. This was a last 20 minutes costume, we were not planning on dressing up but since it was Gerardito's first Halloween  I we thought it would be cute.

This costume was so easy all I did was apply a bit more make up than usual, some fake eyelashes and add lots of mascara to make them more noticeable. With the same fake eyelashes glue I took a plastic spider and glued it to my face, just made a little line coming from my eye as if it was hanging from my eye. I dressed all in black and borrow my little sister's last year hat. And that is it, easy huh.

 As for my son I made his costume and I put the little "how to" right HERE. He looked so freaking adorable, I'm telling you I will try so hard to make his costume for next year it felt so good to have accomplished something this big for me with not so many sewing experience.

My husband really didn't wanted to dress up, but I convinced him and just before leaving I made this hat from The Cat in the Hat that I will post the tutorial as soon as I edit it (super easy by the way). I also made the bow and I love how it turned out. He just put on a black shirt and was ready to go. 
Here we are I love that no matter how tired we were we were able to smile haha. Long walk, but it was worth it.

I want to share past year Halloween since I didn't had this blog.

This was taken last year. I just made a applique shirt for Gerardito, because we weren't going to take him trick or treat, we thought he was too little for that. So just dressed him Halloween themed and took some pictures to have some memories from that day and I'm so glad we did.

Check the Applique tutorial HERE and get the free printables.

Isn't he just too cute for words? I love my handsome little baby.
My mom trying on some costumes for the photos, he wasn't really having it but got some cool pictures haha.

Also this Halloween I got crafty I made some decorations of re-purposed materials like this one. This was made of card boxes, mail paper and paint. The little ghost was made of a scrap fabric that I had and some left over ribbon. Pretty neat huh? HERE is the video of something similar I made but for Christmas, you can get an idea on how to make this one.

It was a hit my son played with it for a while...

He even got to taste it haha, oh my little boy, so silly.

This is our family photo for last year, is amazing how much we have changed, specially our son... sniff... sniff it has gotten so fast.

And I wanted to show you this awesome wreath that my friend Amber made for us, we won her giveaway and this is what we got. I LOVE it. She has a tutorial on how to make this cute wreath. Check it out HERE.

And the photo below was in '09 I think before we had our son. We dressed up as vampires before they were cool haha.

Thanks for reading our blog, xoxo.

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