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Nov 19, 2012

Hat and Bow Tutorial (The Cat in the Hat Themed Party)

Keeping with the festivities for my son's second birthday, I wanted to create something special for the photos. I decided to make the cat's hat. Keep reading for the tutorial.

 For this tutorial you are only going to need red and white felt. The measures for this ones are:

-White stripes: 22 in (you need 2)
-Red stripes: 22 in (you need 3)
-Red top circle: 8 1/4 in
-White bottom circle: 14 in

 The first thing that I did was sew all the stripes together starting with white, red and until I had no stripes left.

 This is what they looked like all sewn together.

 This is the front.

 This is about how much space I left. Now close the stripes trying to make them match together to form a tube.

Pin the top red circle to the tube.

Once you have the circle all in place sew around the edge trying to leave the save margin.

 Pin the bottom white circle and sew it all around.

This is what should  look like.

And here it is the final result.
 Also made the bow here is the result. If you want to check the video tutorial here it is:

And this is what my son looked like with the hat and bow, he didn't kept it all the time but I love the photos they are great memories for him when he grows up. Thanks for reading my blog, xoxo.

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