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Nov 20, 2012

Thing One and Thing Two Birthday Decoration

 Thing One and Thing Two are two of my favorite characters from The cat in the Hat, that's why I wanted to have more of them at the party. But couldn't find the cutout as I found the cat and the ones that I found they were kinda expensive. The best part is that I used just boxes white card stock. Keep reading for the tutorial.

I started by drawing the characters in a large white card stock with a pencil. I took me two pieces to fit them well.
With a sharpie I followed the pencil drawings so it wouldn't disappear when I started applying paint.

 Since I wanted to be pretty neat had to erase the pencil drawings.

Once I erased pretty much all of them I started painting them in red.

 Finish the whole body.

 Paint the hair in blue, turquoise to be more exact.

 I added some turquoise glitter paint to give it an extra cute look.

 Here is how it looks all glittery.

 With a black sharpie re-trace all the black lines to make the pop out.

 Cut around the borders, I left about an inch of margin.

 The next step is grab your bow and close it.

 I covered it with paper and started painting, you can also find the paper in red will save some time and materials.

Paste the things in other piece of box and cut the same shape this will give it more stability.

 Leave a little tail at the bottom this will help you secure the things to the box

 Glue the things to the box and cover with a piece of paper to secure it.

 They look cute right?

I added a few lines to the box to make it look like the crate where they come from.

 This is how they look like.

And here they are at the party, chilling and looking cute haha. Thanks for reading my blog, xoxo.


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