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Nov 11, 2012

Thing one and Thing Two Cupcakes (The cat in the Hat themed birthday party)

 I LOVE what I do, decorating and doing different creative things, but by far my favorite of all is making cupcakes haha. My husband and I love to bake, so now that my son's birthday is getting closer we wanted to try some ideas to make some cupcakes and also because we had this huge craving of them hahaha.
Keep reading for the tutorial.

So we came up with two designs that are really similar between them, we were clear that we wanted to make Thing One and thing Two, because they are cute and playful and there is something about them that make me think about cupcakes, I'm guessing is the hair haha.

But anyways let's get to the tutorial. For this one you are going to need:
-Marshmallows (regular size)
-Black glitter gel or just plain gel
-White frosting (I colored mine blue)
-Food coloring
-Gum paste or fondant

Once you have all your ingredients ready follow the tutorial below:

This is how the Thing One and Thing Two gum paste circles looks like really close, they stayed in place and the black gel turned a bit hard at the end, which is great because that mean it will last longer.

 So there you have it really easy, and they were DELICIOUS.
Thanks for reading my blog, don't forget to check our other tutorials and follow us for coming diy's and more, xoxo.

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