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Nov 11, 2012

Thing one and Thing two Cupcakes (The cat in the hat birthday themed party)

 Here is the second version of The cat in the hat inspired cupcakes. Keep reading for the tutorial and free printables.

This cupcake is super easy to do, and I think will work better for us since I can just print out the images that I will use and since we are all going to be really stressed that day, well maybe but I just want to stay hours baking.
For this cupcake you are going to need:
-Wand (this is optional)
-White frosting
-Food coloring in blue
-Printables (you can get them below for free, yay)

The tutorial is super short, so easy and they turned out so cute.

 You can do a bunch each different either Thing one or Thing two.

Or put them both in the same cupcake and make all the other ones just blue frosting, I think I will also make one with the hat on top and post the updated photos the day of the party.

Below are the printables. I made mine cutting the actual pieces but printing them out will be easier if you want the actual cutout patterns leave me a comment and I will upload it asap.


  1. hi 290ss, i really like your ideas and wanted to know how to get your dr seuss printables because im making all of the stuff for my sons first birthday. omg its so hard because there really isnt much to buy in the stores for dr seuss theme. thanks so much

  2. Hi was interested in getting these Dr. Seuss toppers for my baby shower hope you can help.

  3. I love the Dr. Seuss ideas. Can you help me with the printables for my son's Dr. Seuss Day at school?

  4. Hello! I was actually wondering if you could help me, I am using your Thing 1 & 2 (with the fun blue hair) on t-shirts and was wondering if you by chance have an editable file or a Thing 3 available??? My email is Thank you for any help that you can give!!! You are amazing!