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Nov 25, 2012

Thing One and Thing Two Treat Bags

Last year when I was making my son's treat bags I found a little system that made my life so much easier and organized, and I love that. Keep reading for the how to.

 I had to make 60 treat bags but I didn't wanted to spend hours making them. Last year I had to make 30, so if the system worked for those I thought it would work for 60 and it did.

 This is what we did, just lay the candy on the floor.

 Once all the candy were set up equality we started packing them on the treat bags. I bought the regular plastic bags in red at Walmart and they worked perfect.

 The bags were perfect, big enough to fit a little extra. We also added small marshmallow and puffs bags. Marshmallow heaven!

 I printed little thank you tags for the bags. You can download yours below.

 Since the theme was The cat in the Hat I wanted to add a little touch to the treat bags. And I printed out Thing one and Thing two tags.

I used a balloon ribbon and they were ready to go. Really easy and they look cute right?
Thanks for reading my blog, xoxo.

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