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Dec 23, 2012

Re-purposing shipping boxes

 I love to re-purpose as many items as I can and help the environment by reducing as much waste as I can, so I found a way to do it at least 85% of the times that I send something on the mail. And all I use is card boxes, tape and sometimes brown paper. Keep reading for more.

 I start by drawing the patter in the box and folding the side to make the box and glue it with hot glue.

Here a little tag that I made to ship with the boxes.

 This is how I send my items. I put some of them on plastic bags to prevent any damage while shipping is way cheaper that bubble wrap unless I'm shipping something that can break.

 Now I close the box with some tape to secure it.

The last thing I do and is optional is to wrap the box with this brown paper to secure it will arrive in one piece. So this is an option to help the environment. Thanks for my blog, xoxo.


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