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Dec 8, 2012

The Cat in the hat themed birthday party

Is this time of the year my son's second birthday is getting closer and I'm getting more nostalgic. I can believe my little boy is 2 years old. I mean seriously, what the heck happened? 2 years sounds so long and I still feel like it was yesterday when I was having contractions, pushing him out and bringing this cute, perfect little boy home.

I feel like I'm watching a movie, enjoying the time but I wish sometimes it would go slower to be able to really enjoy every second of having a little son. But I also love how he is growing and all the exploring, learning and huge development that I have seen him go through. Keep reading for the party photos.

For this party I wanted to create things with lots of detail, I wanted my son to enjoy and get excited about  the colors and the party and achieved it.
The party went smoothly and everything turned out so cute, and the best part is that my son enjoyed every party of it, yay!

First of all we started with the tables and the centerpieces, this is how they looked like. I wasn't really sure about the centerpiece at the beginning but after seeing it there I loved it.

The best part of it is that it was really easy and fast to do. I wanted it to have a little box so I can put some goodies there and I did I put some puffs, mini marshmallows and covered marshmallow pops.

Check my post about the treat bags HERE.

You want to make your own centerpieces? Check the tutorial HERE.

While we were doing all the hard work my son and nephew were running around playing.

For the tables I choose a turquoise and white combination and yay me got them for a great price thanks to my aunt, score!
For the kiddos is a tradition pretty much in all our parties to have a jumper, kids loved it and added a little more color to the party.
This is how the sweets are looked like from the jumper site, isn't that cute?

I made some pom poms like last year and put them all around the yard. The colors I used was red, turquoise, white and yellow. Same thing I did with the balloons.

One of the decorations that I made for the yard was this re-purposed box with Thing Two and Thing One. Check the tutorial HERE.

I wanted to buy some swirl pops but the budget didn't allowed it, so I came up with a cheaper and more creative way to have them... I made cookies with swirls in red, white and blue put them in a little stand that I made from re-purposed candy box that was left with some tissue paper and turned out cute, yay!!

I wanted to create more visual items, so I decorated some wood frames in red in white put my son's invitation photo and that is how it looked like.

Other of the decorations that I made was actually a remake of one that I did already. A while back I made a vase with Styrofoam balls for my house. Well I took that vase and turned it into a house decoration. I made two little hats and a small turquoise pom pom and put them in the vase with some red tissue paper and wrapped a turquoise ribbon around it. This deco was pretty cheap and looked cute and crazy.
Do you want the tutorial for the vase? Click HERE.

Other remake was this star and decorated with mini pom poms around too. Get the tutorial for the star HERE.

This is the set up I made for the sweets "table". The cupcake stand I borrowed it from my sister-in-law and was perfect also for the jello cups I made (they were a success by the way).

The banner was also a re-purposed item again. This one I used it last year at my son's birthday but last year it was Mickey Mouse (click HERE to see that party). And HERE is the tutorial if you want to make your own banner, is really easy and inexpensive.

Mickey Mouse Banner                                The cat in the hat Banner
(coming soon)
The cupcakes were the cat in the hat inspired I was thinking on doing them differently but I ran out of time so I printed out some thing one and thing two cupcake topped and for the main one I just used one of the hat I got left from the invitations. Check the other styles I made for the Thing One and Thing Two cupcakes.

Version #1 tutorial HERE                                     Version #2 tutorial HERE

And this is the version #3 haha I guess improvising was the best way to go, they look cute tho.

One of the great hits was the jello, I love blue jello and I added some swedish fish I think that is what those are called and they are so delicious I love them.

That's the tower of sweets, so cute and coordinated I love it.

I want to give credit to my hubby he was so involved in the planning of this party too, he helped me so much, thank you baby . He made those marshmallow pops too covered with chocolate and blue and red sprinkles, he even put them on the bags with the ribbon, I have the best husband ever!

A banner view of the sweets area.

Here is the other frame I made with a different photo and for an extra detail the frames with the photos were a gift to my mom and mother-in-law.
That is the hat and bow tie I made for my son, for taking pictures and props. Do you want to see that tutorial? Click HERE.

I almost forgot about the cat, pretty much this was the motivator do the party themed as The cat in the hat. My mom bought it when we were at Michael's and that is how it got in my mind to decide for this theme (yay mom I loved making everything themes as the cat). I added some arrows around to point where things were.

One means food and the other one means waters.

Now the good part, haha...The food! Before the party we spend and awful lot of time talking about what the food was going to be, to stay in a budget and satisfy everybody's taste. But at the end we ended up making hot dogs and was great, pretty much everybody eats them.

We set up everything as a buffet so we wouldn't have to be rushing to feed everybody and worked great was a bit slow but just for a few minutes while the guests got used to the order of things. I forgot to take a picture of the actual set up but was something like the photo above.
The line was: salad, plates, hot dog buns, franks, veggies (tomato, onion and chile), ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise and chili beans.

since I couldn't find more mayo bottles I had to improvise and print out labels and I don't remember someone being confused about it.

This was a little set up of the condiments.

And the cake, I love the cake our aunt gave it to us. She ordered it at a local store and it was delicious and looked so cute, I loved it . I added one of the invitations on top just to add a little detail.
Would you like to get the tutorial for the invitations? Click HERE

This is my hubby modeling the shirts I made they were pretty easy and turned out great. Just a red shirt with white and black  fleece and ta-da!

Family photo with the hat props even tho he is not watching at the camera he looks so cute!

aw my little baby  he is so cute and I know he enjoyed his party a lot, yay.

Trying to escape the jumper huh?

Here is the whole set up of sweets and colors, I just love it can't wait for next year party if we do one.

We even had a piƱata but my son was scared of it so he didn't really got around it not even to hit it.

But the other kids did haha.

One more thing before I forget here is the invitation that I made for the party they were pretty simple and I scored with the supplies I got them on clearance. HERE is the tutorial if you want to make yours.

So that was it for this post I know it was really long but I hope you liked some of the ideas that I made, thanks for reading it, xoxo.



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