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Jan 22, 2013

Day 17: Mommy and Son

This year I have made a resolution that is very personal for me, and this is not like any other about losing weight or anything. I have decided to take more photos with my family.
The reason for this is because I really cherish the photos I have with them the memories that they bring and how happy they make me.
But I have to be honest is a little hard with most of them. For starters my son NEVER looks at the camera or he fights till the end for his photos to not be taken, I seriously need to take like 50 photos to have 1 good one.
With the rest of the family is easier but sometimes I feel awkward to ask them like "hey let's take a photo" but i guess that's what I need to do because is precious to go back and watch where were you and your family and how everybody change every day.
I will keep updated in this matter, hope to keep it up if you want to see it check my Facebook, I upload most of the photos there.

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