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Jan 3, 2013

Day 2: January spring cleaning

Today I woke up in a very weird mood. I was mad and anxious but didn't knew why until I started folding clothes and saw my closet, it was driving me crazy.

So it made me start our spring cleaning a bit earlier this year I cleaned our room, my son's, kitchen and my son's play area.
A few months back i made this shelf out of card boxes and paint and turned out so great. I made it for my crafts but I put them somewhere else. So instead of throwing this one away I decided to re-purpose it to put some books and toys there.
This is how the area looked a while back:

But now that my son's have more books and toys it has had to expand so we can keep a little of organization in this house or mommy will go nuts haha.
Now the fun part will be how long it does stay that organized.


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