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Jan 3, 2013

Day 3: Grocery shopping and double 50 shades

Today was a really busy day. Doctor's appointment, bank, grocery shopping, run some errands and get my book from the library.

I like to point out that it took me forever to do all this thanks to my mom that stayed with my son or this would have been way harder, he just wasn't in the mood for going out.

This is how my fridge looks like after all the groceries were there.

And this was my breakfast/ food of the day, I just didn't had the time to eat outside I wanted to come back to my boys.

When I was buying the groceries I received a call from my library, they told me 50 shades darker was available now for me to pick it up (yay) and I got the II and the III so I have about two weeks to finish them.

So this was pretty much my day, thanks for joining. Love Johana.

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