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Jan 7, 2013

Day 5: Oh ribbon!

The other day I was making some hair bows just for the fun of it and realized my ribbon stash has gotten down so bad, I feel like I need to buy more but I just can't get my head to do it since I have enough to make a bunch of hair bows but I just feel like I need more.

 I think I have an addiction and the thing is that they are a bit expensive lately Walmart is a no place to buy too expensive and so little amount but they do have cute prints.

I usually buy my ribbon in Mexico because they are cheaper but they have pretty much solids which is great but what catches my eye the most are the prints.

And have you tried buying them at Michael's? Oh gosh you can spend a fortune there they have the cutest prints and hair bows but they are way more expensive than at Walmart.

Other option is online but with the shipping cost is pretty much the same that if you buy them locally, so i guess I will be good with the ones I have right now -sigh-.


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