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Jan 4, 2013

DIY: Jewelry Box $5 dollars project

I'm so excited to bring this tutorial. Is been something that has been bothering me for so long but didn't knew how to do it or what to use. I wanted to create something pretty enough so it wouldn't have to be hidden, but I also wanted something practical and useful. Keep reading for more.

And this is the reason why I did it.

This is how my jewelry looked like before making this box. It was a total mess, couldn't find a single thing and some of the stuff got ruined.

So on one of my trips to Walmart I saw this utensils box in clearance and thought I could do something with it. It was $2 dollars so I couldn't let it pass.

For this tutorial you are going to need:
-Wooden box
-A pack of screw hooks
-Glue gun
-Piece of fabric
-Card stock paper in white

Check the tutorial below for the full instructions.

This is how it looks like.

I love that I can also fit my smallest earrings there and they don't get lost like they did before.

And the necklaces won't tangle with each other, also love the easy access ribbon is a great time saver.
Hope you liked this tutorial and thanks for reading my blog, xoxo.


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