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Feb 10, 2013

Day 33: Mini Trip to Mexico

I like going to Mexico once in a while, there are fun things to do and the food is delicious. So we try to go and eat like there is no tomorrow haha.
Too bad this time I went I just went to a baby shower or welcome of this precious and adorable baby boy and his mommy.
I got a chance to have a tiny baby again in my hands and I have to admit that it feels good, I didn't remembered what that was, oh gosh getting baby fever.

Anyways going is always fun, but the trip back takes forever I have it. You have to wait in line 3 hrs or something like that is just nuts. You can finish a book, edit all your videos and gain like 50 pounds with all the things they sell you there while you are waiting. Pretty much like this episode from weeds where she goes to Tijuana and comes back with tons of things lol.

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