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Feb 12, 2013

Day 41: DIWU Challenge?

No more new year resolutions that never work, this time is for real and I'm determined to lose weight and get healthy. Is just silly that I have let it go so many years is time to take my body back and make smart choices.

Is not a thing that you do over night, but i'm going to re-teach myself the right way to eat and learn how to say no to the bad habits.

I know is going to be hard but I'm determined to have a healthy life and be able to enjoy this precious life with my family.

Thankfully I have such an amazing support from my family and friends, my friend Jackie and I have made this challenge in order to support each other and all the other friends that want to join.

Our goals are:

-Lose weight (one or two pounds per week
-Eat healthier
-Reduce the bad habits (chips, donuts, soda, etc.)
-Count calories
-Drink more water
-Exercise at least 30 minutes every day or every 3rd day

If you want to join our challenge and want to know more about it just check the video we made. You can also join our group on Facebook. 

The290ss Intro

MrsMartinez2024 Intro

Thanks for reading my blog, hope you can join us in this challenge xoxo.

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