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Feb 15, 2013

Day 45: Valentine's Day (Challenge Day #4)

I have been bad this Valentine's Day, not as bad as I could have been if I wasn't in this challenge but I don know I will have to work my butt off to recover for this one and achieve the weight loss I want to do this week.

My love we were pretty tired even to celebrate, he had to work and I was running all day behind my son who didn't wanted to do anything with Valentine's day.

If you watched our Valentine's vlog (video below) you know that my son didn't wanted to take photos today so I had to be on some of them and this is the one that come out better haha.

Isn't he too cute? I was able to take some good shots for our memories but I wanted to share this one with you, I need lots of practice on photography but I think this one looks good for a noob.

I love this photo I just think describes perfectly the life of a vlogger/blogger, I was filming some of what my son was doing while taking photos.

For our food today we had a healthier version of Chinese food, everything either was steamed or baked that was good, I don't feel bloated like I always do when I eat that kind of food. Let me know I you would like to see the recipe.

 I made some cupcakes and they were a fail, the frosting melted and was all messy but they tasted good, and I used fresh strawberries. I only had one tho didn't wanted to over do but gosh they were delicious.

My son liked them but his favorite was the Jell-O it was regular gelatin just so I could share with him, you know low sugar items are not really good specially for kids.

And I'm staying strong with the Jillian Michaels program, my legs are sore but not so much anymore I think my body is finally realizing that this is a constant thing that I'm going to be doing. Thanks for coming and read my blog, hope you all had a great Valentine's Day, xoxo.

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