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Feb 18, 2013

Day 47: Oh no I forgot (Challenge day #6)

 Today was a busy and long day, I went grocery shopping an to look for some craft items but I totally forgot that it was Saturday so it was pretty crowded everywhere. I guess I was having a mommy brain day.

One of the other things that I forgot was taking a picture of the food of today. We had this breaded fish that we bought at the store with rice and salad, it was delicious.
That was good because that helped me not to buy any candy or un-healthy snacks.

So now our fridge is packed with lots of veggies and fruits, making healthier choices everyday, yay.

I have to confess that I wanted to skip today's workout, I was so tired and didn't wanted to see Jillian's face haha. But I kept strong and fight my laziness and did my workout. 

And also did this other one for the hips, because my hips are huge and I want to change that. This one killed me my hips burned so hard, does that mean is working??

Thanks for reading my blog, xoxo.

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