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Mar 27, 2013

Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

Easter baskets are something practically new for me. It might sound weird but I don't remember having this as growing up I guess the culture plays a great factor for that right?

But the thing is that I have seen it several times and I think is something really sweet you can do for your kiddos, for their memories. And as I love crafting so much I decided I wanted to make my son's Easter baskets.

And I've seen the ones that they sell at the stores, don't get me wrong they are cute but I like to personalize things and save a little.

And making the baskets is the cheapest thing ever. Why? Because you can start collecting things, getting things on sale or clearance which makes them more full of surprises, and that's what I did.

I think If I would have bought  a basket like this one in the store, I could have easily spent about $50 but saved at least half of that, yay!

Let that aside making this basket was really easy and fun, and makes you feel really proud of what you accomplish hahaha.

Since my main thing is vlogging about pretty much everything (specially now that I'm uploading videos everyday) I did a video on how I made my son's basket, check it out below.

That easy, and below you will find the little tags that I use :) they are free for you to use and enjoy.

 Here is a little extra idea that you can use for your kid's basket, this was last year's.

Last year was more simple because I wasn't really planning on celebrating until the last moment so I pretty much I made the whole thing I spend the whole night sewing this bunny and carrot, bagging candies and little cookies.

Here is a closer look to the bunny, I think it turned out pretty I came up with the pattern and was my first plush I really liked it and my son did too.

One of the goodies was a coloring book, he loved it, yay.

And as you might imagine the chocolates were too haha. So this was the ideas I have so far for you, thank you for reading my blog, xoxo.

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