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Mar 25, 2013

Toddler Crafts #02: Chicks and Eggs. FREE PATTERN

This is part two of our new super awesome section, Toddler Crafts. And we continue with the Easter theme,  since we still have some days left and because is really fun... and cute!

I do have an advice for next time, do not do two projects the same time hahaha my son was a it tired after the second one that he wanted to run, but you can tell he enjoyed it.

And we continue with really basic items that you might have in your house or that could be fairly easy to get.

For this you are going to need the following items:
-Paper in the following colors: Yellow, orange and white
-Tissue paper in coordinated colors
-Wiggly eyes

Now that you have all the items that you need is time to start working with your kiddos and have lots of fun!

 This is what they look like after all the fun my son had, he loved it and he plays with them makes them jump and loves the wiggly eyes.

 Thank you so much for reading my blog, I hope you enjoyed this new series and don't forget to check my channel for more videos and follow my blog for also more, xoxo.

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