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Apr 17, 2013

Mickey Mouse Inspired Room Decoration

I've been wanting to change my son's room decoration for so long but I've been postponing it until I finally decided to do it and I love how it turned out.

When I first decorated his room I was using the theme that I had more items from, which was Tigger from Winnie The Pooh since is one of my favorite characters and I have a bunch of decorations from that.

But the truth is that I never finished it and everything got cluttered and not what I had in mind. 

So I decided to change everything but keep it under a budget, re-purpose some of the things that I already had.
And make it a bit more colorful even tho I'm not allowed to paint the walls.

So this is what I came up with, it took me about a week to finish it and kept it all in a good budget. I did all the things myself which really helped.
And of course I made tutorials for all of this (yay) will be updating the links soon. Click the images for the tutorials.

Mickey Mouse Pillow
Mickey Mouse Makeover Bins

Mickey Mouse Hanger

Mickey Mouse Chair
Wood Letters

Mickey Mouse Centerpiece or Decor


Custom sheets

Mickey Mouse Toy box

I love the color combination and my little one did too.

And this is the final wall I still need to add more things, more color not really sure what I will add but I'm thinking on some wall art or something.

Hope you liked this post, I was super excited to write it. Check the video below if you want to see my son's reaction to his new room.

And this is what it looks like.



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