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Jul 6, 2013

Baby Legs Tutorial #PinterestSummer2013 ( Pinterest Summer Collaboration Challenge)

Summer is here and nothing says more is summer than leg warmers right?... sarcasm noted heheh, but honestly I have had this project in my mind for so long I wanted to try them with my son, but he is not really into them. So I made them for fun and because the are really cute!!

And trying them was hard because the prices for these ones are crazy, it hurts to pay $7.00 dollars for something so simple and easy to make so when I saw THIS pin on Pinterest I decided to make them myself.

So I went to our local dollar store and found some really cute designs there and bought them. I spent like $10.00 in 10 of them which is pretty amazing.

And here is what you do:

So I hope you found this helpful and thank you so much for reading my blog, xoxo.
P.S. Remember that this tutorial is also in Spanish

Posdata, recuerda que este tutorial tambien esta en EspaƱol.

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