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Jul 7, 2013

Minnie Mouse Inspired Hair Bow in Pink! (UPDATED: 10/11/16)

Yet another hair bow tutorial, why? because they are really cute and easy to make and I love sharing some ideas with you.

UPDATED: 10/11/16 (Ribbon width)
ACTUALIZADO: 11/10/16 (Ancho de los listones)

Minnie Mouse is all about pink, lately I love her little dress and how cute it is now so I got inspired to make this hair bow and below you will find the measurements for the ribbon used.
I mixed ribbons with dots in different sizes and I they look so adorable plus the different shades of pink, adds an extra touch of cuteness.

The black numbers represent the length of the ribbons and the blue represent the width.
Los numeros negros representan lo largo de los listones y los azules representan el ancho.

And the making of the bow is really easy and doesn't take long, so here it is how you make it:

I hope you liked this tutorial, feel free to share your version of this bow with us on Facebook, it would be really sweet to watch what you made.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and don't forget to follow for more tutorials like this one, xoxo.

We have this video also in Spanish.
Tambien tenemos este video en Español.


  1. hi I saw your youtube channel and would love to have an extra entry to the giveaway :) I'm still trying to follow your blog :) (( in my cell)) and it's kind of hard. Name:Ashanti Arthur :)

    1. What giveaway? I don't have any open giveaways

  2. i saw a two videos and i love them u r very creative ,, am also but you are better really thank you for sharing

  3. muchas gracias por compartir me encantan estos moños ,,, estan muy bellos ,, donde compras tus listones ? espero y enseñes como hacer el centro de los moños ,, gracias

  4. Hola, quisiera saber que tanto liston se ocupa de cada color? gracias

  5. ustedes ponen el largo de cada cinta pero no el ancho de ellas, ayuda plis

  6. Omgoody goody Gosh ! As Minnie would Say I Totally love this my favorite!!

  7. Podrias poner Las medias en color negro por favor por q no Las puedo mirar .
    Muy Hermoso lo q haces Feliciades

  8. Hola muy hermoso sera k puedas poner en centimtros las medidas de lo largo y ancho

  9. Disculpa... y las medidas del ancho de cadavcinta??

  10. Me puedes ayudar las medidas son de que el ancho o el largo

  11. Que ancho tiene cada listón x favor

  12. Where did you get the minnie mouse middle piece?

  13. Buenos días esta bello tu trabajo pero para que muestras un vídeos si no colocas medidas ya he visto varios de tus vídeos y dejas las medidas incompletas.

  14. Si amiga podrias decirnos el ancho de cada cinta? muchas gracias...

  15. Ribbon length and width was updated, thank you for checking my blog.
    Las medidas de lo ancho y largo han sido actualizadas, gracias por visitar mi blog.

  16. Where do you get your Disney embellishments. Please help
    Thank you

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