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Aug 3, 2013

Chicken Tacos al Pastor Mexican Style Recipe

Mexico is full of beauties and art all over it, and the food is one of them. Tacos is like a signature dish, they have lots of flavors mixed in and they are pretty awesome.
One of my favorites from all the time since I was a little girl, are Tacos al pastor the flavor is very characteristic and really delicious. 

So I wanted to make my own and have that flavor without having to travel to Mexico in the night, because we are a a few hours away and usually the taco places that sell them start selling them pretty late.
In one of our trips to the market I saw this marinade that said adobo carne al pastor, so immediately I bought it.

But let's start with the recipe, I'm not using the usual meat that you are supposed to use, which is pork, instead I used chicken.

The ingredients that you are going to need:
-Chicken (boneless and skinless will be better)
-Adobo (I bought mine at Cardenas market) 
-Guacamole (avocado sauce)
-Salsa (optional)

The first thing that I did was soaking the chicken in the sauce, is better if you let it sit in the sauce for a while so the flavor penetrates the chicken. After it was there for a while I placed the chicken in a pan and added some onions there for the flavor. It would be awesome if you could do this in the broil but we decided to do it this way.

 Once is all ready I placed it in a plate and let it cool for a while, not long tho.

And then I cut the chicken in strips.

Meanwhile I started heating the tortillas.

 I gathered all the things in the same place to start preparing the tacos. the tortillas, chicken, guacamole, lemons and onions pickled (Check out the recipe for the onions pickled HERE).

And this is what they look like, I added the cilantro just for decoration. To be honest they are delicious I loved them I forgot the cucumber and chile jalapeño. They taste almost like the real thing and without the travel, so I would say is a score.

Here is the video if you want a more detail instruction on how I made everything.


You can find this recipe also in Spanish.
Tambien puedes encontrar esta receta en Español.

Hope you enjoy the recipe and thank you for reading my blog, xoxo.


  1. How would you incorporate the cucumber an chile jalapeño?

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