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Jun 17, 2014

DIY: Dora the Explorer Centerpiece Tutorial (EASY TUTORIAL)

I've been asked to make a tutorial on several centerpieces, and from time to time I have a little of time.  And this time it was Dora the Explorer's turn. It's really simple and we are using the materials that you can find so you can save some money while making your kids birthday decorations.

Updated: 07/05/20015

The materials that you are going to need are the following:
-A can ( it can be either a milk can or you can do it with a cereal box, like I've done it before CHECK CENTERPIECE)
-Ribbon  (color combination of your choice)
-Tissue paper (color combination of your choice)
-Wrapping paper
-PATTERN CUTOUTS (Check below)
-Glitter foamy sheets
-Googly eyes
-Kebab sticks
-Foam square
-Hot glue gun

 Right click the image and save.

 Right click the image and save.

Everytime I make my centerpieces I try to use materials that are affordable, specially if I'm making a few of them just to try to cut down the price and stay in a budget. And you don't really have to overthink it, you can find useful materials everywhere.
Just check the tutorial below to see how I made this centerpiece

We also have the tutorial in Spanish (Tambien tenemos el tutorial en Español)

And that's pretty much all you have to do, I hope you liked this tutorial.


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