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Nov 17, 2014

Blue's Clues Centerpiece Tutorial

Centerpieces are an eye catching piece of any party and they can also help you put some goodies there for the guests. And this time I will teach you how I made this adorable Blue's Clues Centerpiece.
Updated: 07/05/20015

Above are the materials that you are going to need.
-Cereal box
-Ribbon in matching colors
-Glue gun
-Kebab stick
-Glitter foamy sheets
-Tissue paper
-Blue's Clues shapes 
-Piece of foam
-Colored card board paper

Here is the video on how I made this centerpiece.

I also have this video in Spanish 
Tambien esta este video en Español

I tied to add the characteristic items from the show like the couch, I remember watching it and that's one of the spots that it's iconic from it.

Another detail that I like to add on the centerpieces I make is glitter foamy sheets, it adds an extra eye catching object to the centerpiece.

And the combination between the regular fabric ribbon and the balloon one helps you save some money too. Sometimes I only get the 20 cent ribbon at Walmart.

Just remember you don't have to go over your budget with the decorations, sometimes making it yourself turns out pretty cheap and it will be customized to your needs.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful and thanks for reading my blog.


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