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Nov 12, 2014

DIY: Crayon Roll

My son loves coloring and it's nice to see his art masterpieces but there's something I don't really like and that's the clutter that the crayons make. And I tried containers but they get bulky and just doesn't feel completely right for me.

And I came across to this idea and I really liked it, the only thing is that I didn't had the pattern so I had to lay down the colors and take the measurements.

Another good things about the crayon roll is that it doesn't need many materials, they look cute and takes only a few minutes to make.

For this you only need: 
-Fabric of your choice, measurements are below.
-Thread of color of your choice.
-1 rubber band in matching colors.
-1 button.

Just follow the measurements above and cut the fabric, I would leave about half of an inch to sew it all together.

To sew the pockets for the crayons just mark down 1" between all of them and sew the on one side of the 12.5" fabric but I will sew a little seam on top so it doesn't fray.

Once you have this ready it's time to put the other fabric facing the wrong side so you can sew like this kind of pocket but don't forget the rubber band pointing inside sew all along but leave a small opening so you can turn the fabric the right side.

Here is the video of how I made this crayon roll.

I also have this tutorial in Spanish.
Tambien tengo este tutorial en EspaƱol.

I've seen those close with ribbon and snaps, but to me the rubber band it's better because it adjusts better to the crayons that you have inside the roll.

 I hope you liked this tutorial, don't forget to check back for more and thanks for reading.

Here is one example of the one that I made for my son, same process just the design its a little different.

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  1. Hi, I loved this project. Trying to finish mine today. Question: Where did you buy your PixieLuv Boutique label shown on the Minnie Mouse fabric? It's very cute! Thanks.