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Nov 18, 2014

Pumpkin Candy Recipe

Hey there, fall is here and I love it. The colors, the foods and that feeling that you get when this season comes along it's amazing!
I don't know what it is about this season that makes me cook more.. hehehe maybe it's the cold days that make you crave your house to stay warm and also all the goodies you can enjoy,

One of the recipes that I love during this season it's called  Dulce de Calabaza or pumpkin candy. My grandma used to make this during the fall and it's warm, sweet and delicious.

Besides the flavor and that leaves your house smelling amazing it's that it's pretty inexpensive to make and doesn't take long.

For this recipe you are going to need:
-1 medium pumpkin cut in big chunks 
-3-4 piloncillos
-Cinnamon sticks

Now that you have all the ingredients, throw them inside a deep (or stock soup pan). The order doesn't really matter.

You can do layers if you want and then add the water. Cover and let it steam for about and hour or until the pumpkin it's soft and break easily with a fork. Now time to put the pumpkin in a bowl with some of the juice and add milk, it can either be cold or warm depending on your taste.

The amount of water depends on how much pumpkin you have. It need to be 3/4 full without covering the pumpkins.

If you are more visual like me, here is the video on how I made it.


Check this video in Spanish


 Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this recipe.

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