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Jan 4, 2015

Mickey Mouse Centerpiece with Free Printables.

I've always liked Mickey Mouse as a party theme, it's cute and fun to plan. That's why I made it for my son's first birthday but I never got a chance to record the centerpieces, so I decided to make other style to show you how easy is to make your own party decorations.

And as always, here I am trying to save while I make my centerpieces and decorations. So I used some materials I already had and others that aren't that expensive.

The materials that you are going to need are the following:
-Box ( can be used a cereal box)
-Tissue paper in matching colors
-Ribbons can be fabric or balloon ribbons in coordinated colors too
-Kebab sticks or any sticks to place the character
-Glue gun
-Mickey Mouse Character
-Glitter foamy sheets

Every time that I make my centerpieces I like to start by cutting all the shapes and things I will need, just makes me feel better organized.

One of the things that I love doing in my centerpieces is giving the characters shadow, because it looks like it has more depth and also you can add colors that coordinate with the centerpiece.

Foamy glitter it's a great help also when you are trying that your centerpiece pop outs more, helps visually to attract more views and it's pretty cheap.

Balloon ribbon it's awesome too because you can curl it and make it flirty and the price it's perfect if you are trying to save some money.

I like making bows for the centerpieces, sometimes you can also use them as gifts for your centerpieces. Learn how to make a simple bow below.

One of the other things that you can do with your centerpiece it's add candy, chips in a bag or any other snacks for your guests.

But enough of all of this, this is how you make the centerpiece.

I also have this tutorial in Spanish/ Tambien tengo este tutorial en EspaƱol


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