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Mar 21, 2015

Easter Crafts with Kids: Popsicle sticks eggs and carrots

Easter is coming and I need to keep my son entertained and teach him the basics for when he goes to school. Besides he loves everything that had to do with crafts and making a mess lol.

At the same time my budget is really tight right now, so I decided I was going to look around the house and try to find things to make this from past tutorials or crafts that I've done in the past.

Some items I found them at the dollar store and they come pretty useful because it helps me teach him colors and numbers.

And all you need for these crafts is:


-Popsicle sticks
-White pipe cleaners
-Pink Pom Pom

-Construction paper (I used black)
-White pom poms or cotton balls
-Pink pom pom
-Glitter foamy heart
-Wiggly eyes
-Bow (optional)

-Popsicle sticks orange and green
-Stripe of orange construction paper

-Construction paper in white with an egg drawn on it
-Popsicle sticks assorted colors
-Tissue paper assorted colors
-Any other item you can find to glue in the egg

And just let your kids have fun with them I was practicing colors with mine he loves that and the "good job" afterwards.

Below you will find the videos for this post, my son loved it and I hope yours do too.



Thanks for reading my blog, hugs and happy Easter.

Check past ideas below.


  1. We covered the cardboard egg with polyester batting using hot glue to give it a softer rounder look.

  2. These Popsicle sticks eggs and carrots look just the best to me, I have to get to bench top power tools and learn more about making different Popsicle for myself, Will be looking forward to having more information soon

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