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Mar 10, 2015

Easter Peeps Cake Tutorial

Easter is coming soon, and one of the things I remember the most growing up is the family gathered having a good time and enjoying delicious food together after church.

So I decided to make these delicious treats for you that might help you get some ideas for your celebrations, and surprise your family and friends with them.

The things that you are going to need are:
-A cake
-Peep bunnies in assorted colors
-Cake Icing in green
-Chocolates I used colored M&Ms

Now the steps to make this is really simple.

-Follow the cake instructions in the box and let it cool completely.
-Once you have your cake ready, cover it with the frosting, leaving a semi-thick layer because this is going to help you stick the bunnies in the cake.
-Start placing the peeps around the cake in a sequence or all crazy funky if you want .
-Top the cake with the loose chocolates and at the bottom start a line with the cake icing to make it look like grass.

And it was that simple but if you are more visual like I am, here is the video to guide you.



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