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Apr 15, 2015

Boppy pillow cover

But they get old quick, at least the cover. I wish I would have known how to sew when I had him so I could change the cover for mine, because oh boy! It really needed it.

When I had my son my boppy pillow was one of the things that I treasure most, because it's so helpful when you are breastfeeding especially if you have a 10 pound baby lol.

But by the time I made this tutorial my son was a little old, it was actually a request from a friend and I accepted the challenge. At the time I wasn't really experienced with my sewing machine but it turned out to be easy to make.

And for this you will need:
-Fabric, I used 2 different pieces

How to make this:
1. The first step is to get the pattern, I removed the cover from my old pillow and folded it in half this will help you draw the pattern in a cardboard paper, once you have the drawn pattern cut it out and set aside.

2. Fold the fabric that you are going to use in half and place the pattern on top of it, with a fabric pen/pencil trace the pattern on the fabric and cut it. Repeat this with the other fabric.

3. Add the zipper or use the overlap method. (You can check how I added the zipper on my video below )

4. Finish sewing all along the fabrics until you close them, you don't need to leave a gap to turn the fabric because you should already have an opening for the pillow.

5. Turn the fabrics to the right side and try to fit the pillow you can adjust the size as much as you like.

6. You can add a tab for a toy but is not necessary. And that's it, that simple.

This project can take some time especially if you add the zipper, but overall it's easy to make.

Check the video below for more detailed instructions.



Hope you like this tutorial, check the rattle/ plush toy tutorial below (click the image):

Thanks for reading my blog.

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